Stego Dog: Image Steganography Tool for Confidentiality and Integrity


With the fast-growing digital world in the pandemic scenario, there is a concern for data security when it crosses through various unbarred communication media. The data, the most useful way of communication despite being vulnerable to security breaches. Although there are a lot of other techniques suggested to keep this type of data in various ways, the potential for exploitation remains constant. S teganography, where the user embeds his secret message in a file so that ownership of intellectual property can be claimed to ensure the integrity of the content. The article discusses building a flutter application for cell phones that implement image steganography that follows an RGB algorithm. The algorithm highlights a new symmetric encryption methodology where in complex determinant calculations and random matrix development is used for key generation. The application codes the desired message using the RGB algorithm into the specified image from the gallery after clicking on the encode button displayed on the screen. After communication, the same application can be used to decode the message from the picture; if the picture contains a secret message that is coded using the same algorithm used for decoding methods, hence ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

2022 International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Data Communication Systems (ICSCDS)